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Classic Blue The Fashionable Pantone Of The Year

Have you heard that Classic Blue is the most fashionable colour of the year? To get ahead of the game, I’ve put together a selection of Classic Blue products to help you incorporate this elegant colour into your everyday lifestyle, with everything from stylish luggage to travel essentials to skincare!

Saudi Style: How to Dress for a Festival in the Middle East

Our Fashion Contributor, Amira Arasteh, first visited Saudi Arabia in December for the MDL Beast festival. She returned earlier this month for another music festival and both times relished in festival fashion for the Middle East.

5 Qualities of Professional Makeup Artist

The popularity of makeup artists is evidence of their success in the industry that is becoming competitive day by day.

Top Beauty Buys For The Boxing Day Shopping Spree

After Christmas shopping madness comes Boxing Day shopping spree. I have to admit that I love good deals so much, that I am prepared to search for one of the hours - of course with my hubby looking after Matylda AT HOME! But I bet I am not alone.

Party Makeup Beauty Tips & Tricks: Glow Getter Beautiful

How you write your advertising copy will be based on where you will place your ad. If it’s a billboard ad, you’ll need a super catchy headline.

Gifts for Her This Holiday Season That Will Make Her Blush

Looking for perfect gifts for the woman of your life this Holiday Season? Look no further. We completed the list of super cool ideas to make her blush. We have tested them, played with them and had fun with them. Now gifts for Her This Holiday Season That Will Make Her Blush scroll if you love her.

Best Yacht Charters in the Mediterranean: Chicest Spots

As the weather starts to cool and nights draw in, it’s the perfect time to start planning summer 2020.

Everything you ever needed to know about eternity rings

Eternity is a very long time indeed and to mark that commitment, people have been using rings for thousands of years. This is because rings, by their very nature, symbolise the everlasting and diamond eternity rings, in particular, have always been used to celebrate or cement life’s most special moments.

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