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10 Tips for Bouncy Curls

Many women are envious of those that have those beautiful curly locks. Most everyone with curly hair has heard the words “I wish I had your curly hair”. But what many women don’t know is how much work it is to keep up with those curls. Below you will find 10 hair care tips specifically for the curly-haired women struggling to maintain their mane.

Four Easilocks Products for Beautiful Locked Down Hair

Easilocks products have been in my beauty routine for about a year now. So when locked down was looming, I made sure that I stocked up because I am a brown girl who is all about keeping her hair looking right. My hair has been soft and healthy all London lockdown thank to these three Easlilocks Products. 

How To Achieve That Tousled Bedhead Hair

Get that enviable and effortless tousled look to your hair with Bardot Hair's vegan hair care range featuring a texture spray and dry shampoo. Working with the Bardot Foundation, this brand and its ethos has been approved by Brigitte Bardot.

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