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The Category Is: Ball, Drag And Its Influence In The Fashion Industry

Ball culture started to bloom in the 80s thanks to Black and Latino non-cisgender individuals, who were eager to have a safe space to celebrate the queer community, in a time when walking down the street or coming back home safe and sound was an achievement. The balls were a joyful place, a home for those who had nothing but the community to relate to and where they could be their true selves in an atmosphere where acceptance, love, fashion and talent – and lots of shade – were the stars of the party.

Loewe SS21 Show-In-A-Box

As always, the fashion industry is continuously evolving, especially at the moment where designers have to think outside of the box. However, for Loewe’s SS 2021 creative director Jonathon Anderson has thought inside of the box – quite literally.

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