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It's time to meditate, even if you don't know how!

I don’t believe in not being able to meditate. I don’t believe in not having the time to meditate. And I don’t believe that if one style of meditation doesn’t work for you, that it’s just not for you.

Three Easy Recipes to Encourage You to Eat Healthier

We can not continue to eat healthier. During this time, I have never been happy to have made a lifestyle change to live a happy and more vigorous life. You might be under the impression that cooking healthy meals in a challenge.

5 Steps to Detox and Rejuvenate Your Body and Your Mind

Even if individuals are bound to dread the aging process, it is an inherent part of the life cycle. Every living creature, be they animals or human beings, goes through it. For the most part, that is what makes life so fascinating—its ability to remind everyone of its momentariness. 

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