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The Sneaker Scoop - An Interview with DJ Nikki

A catch up with successful DJ and Creative, DJ Nikki Beatnik, to hear about her story and love of all things fashion & sneakers.

Hand in hand. Hip-Hop influences on the sneaker world.

A glimpse into the cultural movement of hip-hop, and the beginning of a long term partnership with sneakers and sneaker brands.

Virgil Abloh’s Pop Smoke Cover BOO The Streets Are Talking

Vigil Abolh what are you smoking cause it needs to come off the streets. What is the designer on these days? You are from the streets too did you forget—a trained architect, Abloh, who also worked in Chicago street fashion. We are having a WTF moment here with art for a Thug N**** album cover art. The fans have spoken, and they are tearing you online brah. 

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