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Looking Back on Lockdown and How it Changed People’s Jobs

The arrival of a global pandemic has had an enormous effect on the way that we work in the UK. In some cases, it’s forced workers to retrain, and to explore other ways to earn a living. In others, some flexibility on the part of employers has allowed skillsets to be transferred in accordance with demand.

Shoes to Step Out of Lockdown Wearing

Lockdown is relaxing, we're all slowly starting to go places. The 'new normal' is being introduced. Shoes are essential. We've rounded up our favourite footwear; shoes you'll be proud to step out of lockdown wearing.

Top 5 Fragrances To Survive The Lockdown

In these unprecedented times we do all we can to feel better while we stay at home to protect our lives. A new fragrance is definitely one of the safe luxuries that we can treat ourselves to. We picked 5 top fragrances that instantly make us feel better and we hope you fell the same. 

Fashion Brands Supporting the Covid-19 Initiative

As we delve further into the Coronavirus pandemic, more and more fashion brands are working on doing their bit for the initiative, particularly to support those who are vulnerable and the NHS.

Mental Wellness: Cleansing Your Mind During Isolation

It's five weeks into lockdown and some of us will be feeling the solidarity. Here are some expert wellness tips on making sure you're in your best mental state during this time.

Make Your Own Margaritas in Lockdown

If you're feeling like a drink this lockdown, why not make yourself a margarita? Margarita Mondays and Tequila Tuesdays are dates set in our diaries.


Did you know that water makes up approximately 64% of our skin.‚Ā† In Iceland, water is a precious and driving force. It is home to a multitude of glaciers, geysers, lakes, and rivers, as well as being surrounded by the North Atlantic Ocean. This is the same water BIOEFFECT uses in its products to provide skin with the best hydration and care.

Six alternatives to Eggs in the Morning

The latest thing to run out in supermarkets are eggs. So instead of panicking, why not try some of these breakfast alternatives?

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