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Make Your Monday Better with ICONIC London

Mondays, the day of the week that the majority of us do not look forward to. Let’s make Monday more enjoyable with makeup and more..

Sleek Matte Me Makes Your Lips Pop

Over the past few months, just putting a fabulous lip colour has made me happy. I have been playing with all Sleek Matte Me Lip colours in my makeup kit. They are a brown girls dream with colours that make our skin-pop. 

How I Saved My Eyelashes After Eyelash Extensions with These Products

In the last year, I have fallen in love with eyelash extensions, but sometimes I get to the extreme with the lashes I want. Once when I had lash extensions put on the eyelashes where too heavy for my delicate, pretty lashes. 

Erborian Korean Skin Therapy BB Crayons to Go Everywhere with You

The brand ERBORIAN from Korea just launched four shades of a practical and wearable BB creams, in the shape of a crayon. A chubby pencil, they are called BB CRAYON AU GINSENG, they are ready to go, and they also are purse-friendly, which means they can go anywhere without creating chaos in your bag. 

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