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An end to isolation: H&M Lab – Wearable Love Jacket

Isolation is a buzzword for us this year, like it or not – we have all had to adjust who we see and when we see them. H&M Lab Germany may have a solution for us.

Presenting DOMESTIC (between wars) by Stefano Pilati

Since 2020 started, it has been nothing but a wild ride. We’ve heard multiple times that 2020 ought to end now, that we need to unplug 2020 and plug it again for everything to go back to normal but, what if 2020 had to happen? What if 2020 was the year we’ve been waiting for? What if the change and the progression this planet has been seeking for centuries might finally come this year? Anyhow amongst all the negative energy that has surrounded us lately, it is undeniable that positive matters have also come out of it.

Mental Wellness: Cleansing Your Mind During Isolation

It's five weeks into lockdown and some of us will be feeling the solidarity. Here are some expert wellness tips on making sure you're in your best mental state during this time.

Make Your Own Margaritas in Lockdown

If you're feeling like a drink this lockdown, why not make yourself a margarita? Margarita Mondays and Tequila Tuesdays are dates set in our diaries.

Six alternatives to Eggs in the Morning

The latest thing to run out in supermarkets are eggs. So instead of panicking, why not try some of these breakfast alternatives?

Self-Isolation Style: How to Look Good in Lockdown

Just because we're under self-isolation and social distancing is the new norm does not mean life has to be lived in sweatpants and PJs. We've got you covered on the best at-home looks to see you through this lockdown.

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