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Sneaker TLC - Tips and Tricks to look after your kicks

A few easy-to-follow pointers to help make sure you're getting the most out of your sneakers.

Sneaker Freak Friday - Female resale rise

As Beyonce said, "Who run the world? ..Girls!" Taking a look at how Womens-only sneakers are becoming all the more desirable in the resale market.

Hand in hand. Hip-Hop influences on the sneaker world.

A glimpse into the cultural movement of hip-hop, and the beginning of a long term partnership with sneakers and sneaker brands.

Sole Round-Up! A week in kicks...

Sneaker Freak Friday! A round-up on everything that's been going on in the sneaker world this week.

Homme Boy Style - Dave

The second instalment of Homme Boy Style; this week focusing on the UK rapper Dave, his musical highlights and his fashion credentials.

Sneaker Freak Friday: Binge-Worthy Sneakers on Screen Hit List

I do not know about other sneaker freaks, but I am dying to wear my J's and my new Saci Nikes, but where. I wore then to the weekly store runs by my Saci's I am waiting for something special; I hope it will get to wear them before summer is over those were my summer kicks! 

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