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Yes, Cactus Leather Is A Thing Now

No need to double take, you read that correctly, cactus leather is the latest new material on the fashion scene. Forget those vegan leathers that use so much plastic they make Barbie look real, cactus leather is here to steal the spotlight.

Sustainable Staycation Style

As the lockdown eases, we can actually start to have a summer, and for some of us this means finally shedding the work from home sweats! No judgment from us, we’re totally in the same boat too, no matter how comfy those leggings are its time to ditch them.

Theresa Edward Founder of Skin Alchemists Talks Beauty & Caribbean Life Interview

If you missed our Instagram live with Theresa Edward, Founder of Skin Alchemists, we talked about beauty and wellness secrets from the Caribbean Life. The interview with the herbalist was very informing. You can still catch it too. 


Meet the savvy upcyclers who are behind the IG account @camera60studio, leading the way for the newwave of lockdown creatives. Lockdown has forced us to debate our fashion choices and evaluate our purchasing decisions. Since lockdown there has been huge increase in sustainable fashion ingenuity being shared online, especially upcycling.

Hey Girls| How to Help End Period Poverty & Never Have a Period Accident Again

In times like this, I always revert to the zombie apocalypse and would I put in my backpack if I had to run. Now the Hey Girls period panties are items I have waited all my life for! I wish I had these when I first started menstruating; now I cannot wait until my next period. Something that I never thought I would say.

Gift Ideas for the Green Goddess Who Lives a Hip & Healthy Lifestyle

The hip and healthy lifestyle are on the rise and we have gift ideas for the green goddess in your life. This gift guide is for the people in your life who take care of their mind, body, skin, and the world. Everything is Zen worthy and sustainable.

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