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Yes, Cactus Leather Is A Thing Now

No need to double take, you read that correctly, cactus leather is the latest new material on the fashion scene. Forget those vegan leathers that use so much plastic they make Barbie look real, cactus leather is here to steal the spotlight.

Interview Founder of Beauty Brand Gen Z Talks Young Peoples Skin Rituals

I am a California native, now based in London with my husband and three teens. My career and life keep taking me further away from my beloved California – first moving to NYC, then to London. But the California mindset, the positivity and optimism, remain in me wherever I am – and in what I do. It is the ethos behind our brand, something we have tried to bottle at 31st State.

Best Burgers For Lockdown

If your favourite meal you're missing during this lockdown is a burger, stop stressing as we are bringing our favourite burger kits and home delivery burgers so all that's left for you to do is decide which you're ordering first.

Self Care| Our Favorite Vegan Skin, Hair and Nail Vitamins

For the last 2 years, I have been taking better care of my entire body. From head to toe, the party of my daily routine is taking Skin, Hair and Nail Vitamins. You can see it in my face, hair and nails. Well if I would stop bleaching my hair, maybe it would grow faster. 

13 Vegan Beauty Products You Need To Know About

The end of last year saw a significant increase in peoples awareness of needing to change the way we live and consume. There is a strong case for veganism making a significant difference in the effect us, as humans, have on our planet. There are now more than half a million vegans in the United Kingdom and approximately three million in North America, with other countries in the world experiencing rising numbers of those moving to veganism.

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