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Swap Fashion for the Forest: Inside Balance Holidays' Grounding Retreat

Thanks to Covid-19, 2020 has become the year of staycations; people everywhere were seen to swap their abroad holidays for local trips. So it was no surprise that Balance Holidays organised its first-ever grounding retreat in the UK - admist London Fashion Week.

Sunglasses in September: Shades to Suit the Colder Months

Yes, summer is technically over but British summer means it's not completely unlikely to receive a good dose of sunshine in September and early October too. But here are some sunglasses to last you all season; for the rays of sunshine we can hope to get, for the holidays you might book to try and escape the rest of 2020 and for the less than bright days where you and your eyes just want a cover up.

An Interview wtih R&R Luxury

The global pandemic has hit all of us hard, not least small businesses - many of which have had to call it quits. One of our favourite beauty brands R&R luxury is a natural, plant-based skincare brand from Africa and is still (thankfully for us all) thriving. We virtually sat down with Valerie Obaze, founder of R&R Luxury, to discuss how Covid-19 has affected her business, her mindset and what she foresees for the future of the brand.

Storytelling Through Scent: The Inspiration Behind Our Favourite Fragrances

Ever wondered what it is about your favourite fragrance that makes you love it so much? We all have a signature scent but how did it become as such? Style Cartel takes a look in detail at Kierin NYC and BDK Parfums to delve into the back story between each fragrance house; uncovering the influence the streets of New York City and Paris and those that walk them had on the fragrances within each brand's collection.

Best Beauty Buys For The Summer

With a constant influx of new beauty products from different brands, it's hard to know what's worth getting and what's not. This month, Style Cartel rounds up our favourite new beauty buys that are perfect for the summer.

How to Clean Your Jewellery Post-Lockdown: Style Cartel Speaks to The Alkemistry

If you stopped wearing your jewellery during lockdown and are unsure about decking yourself out in gold, silver and gems, we've got the lowdown from the experts, chatting to The Alkemistry on how to clean your necklaces, bracelets and rings to keep in line with Covid-19 hygiene.

It's National Tequila Day! But how sustainable is tequila?

In aid of National Tequila Day, Style Cartel's Amira Arasteh takes a look back on her trip to Patrón’s headquarters in Mexico - where she gained an insight into the distilling of this sustainable spirit.

Allkind: The All Good Fashion Brand That Launched During the Pandemic

For any brand to launch during the pandemic this year was a brave quest yet there is particular praise for a fashion brand choosing not to take the easy route of fast fashion and stay true to its ethos of ethical and sustainable production. Enter Allkind.

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