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Top 5 Tops to Layer for Modest Fashion Monday

Modesty is not only about religion is about dressing classy like a queen. And staying at home with the girls and dressing up is not the new normal for women. Now it is the original going out and looking pretty in something chic. The key is to know how to layer. This week we get inspiration from Jewish Modest Fashion Blogger & Co-owner of @raju.official Rachelle Bracha Yadegar.

Dining Out London| Romulo Café Filipino food for the Soul

As a NewParisian living in London, the city not known for its cuisine. This foodie is always on the lookout for some home cooking. Now that dining out in London is back, we decided to take a long walk and taste the deliciousness of Romulo Café, one of the homes of Filipino food in London. Growing up in New York with Filipino friends, I knew what good Filipino taste like.

Ruby & Oscar | Our Accessory Saturday Collaboration with the Online Jewellers

Our Collaboration with Online jewellers Ruby & Oscar came about with the need for something to sparkle up our lives. With the delicate but daring consumer in mind. We want to adorn our necks, ears and fingers with dramatic drops and studs galore. 

ELIE SAAB Haute Couture Exclusive Collection Love for Beirut

This year fashion took a back seat to real life. Every day, we searched for something to make us smile. Then something else happens we again search to escape from reality and for Elie Saab a designer that is from Beirut we too would disappear into the fairy tale land of Haute Couture, and that is why the name of the collection¬†‚ÄúBeirut, the sacred source.‚ÄĚ is so powerful in 2020.

Londons Serenta Flowers Delivered to Your Door

In our office flowers are part of the weekly decor. I guess I picked up the habit from my grandmother and my old boss when I used to work at a PR firm in Paris. When our CEO would come from the New York Office, I would always have to order orchids on his arrival. So when we discovered Serenata Flowers, we had to see for ourselves how beautiful the arrangements were. 

Tips for Mums: The Best Ways to Manage Your Finances

As a mum, do you find it difficult to stay on top of your finances? You may have the support of your partner or parents, but still, a lot of the financial decisions may fall on you as you plan to reach financial goals and provide everything that your children and family might need.

New Virtual Retreat Series Start Your Healing Journey Today

The year is not over, but since we have nothing better to do than kick starts your wellness regime with a new virtual retreat series. The Euphoria Methodos invites us to create a healing journey now. To end 2020, the main goal is to have a healthy body and soul. 

Travel Tuesday| Four Seasons Bali Zero Waste - All The Taste

Since Covid-19 has made it challenging to travel, we love to invite our readers to enjoy Travel Tuesday virtually. In celebration of Zero Waste Week last week (7-11 September), we're bringing some zesty inspiration from the kitchens at Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay in Bali. Following months of perfecting their baking skills, there's always room for a new and inspired pie filling.

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