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4 Ways to Take Your Outfit to the Next Level

Being confident is very important when it comes to success, and there is no better way to instil confidence in your personal life than to wear clothes you feel the most beautiful in. Self-confidence is something that most people have trouble with all their life.

Locked Down Holistice Lymphatic Massage with Body Balancer

The locked-in the beginning made me just want to stay home and eat chocolate. Since all the lounging around has caught up with me and the gym is still closed. I needed a little help with getting back in shape. To kick start my home workouts, I also booked the compact Body 606 Balancer massage system for two weeks at home. 

Virgil Abloh’s Pop Smoke Cover BOO The Streets Are Talking

Vigil Abolh what are you smoking cause it needs to come off the streets. What is the designer on these days? You are from the streets too did you forget—a trained architect, Abloh, who also worked in Chicago street fashion. We are having a WTF moment here with art for a Thug N**** album cover art. The fans have spoken, and they are tearing you online brah. 

Interview Founder of Beauty Brand Gen Z Talks Young Peoples Skin Rituals

I am a California native, now based in London with my husband and three teens. My career and life keep taking me further away from my beloved California – first moving to NYC, then to London. But the California mindset, the positivity and optimism, remain in me wherever I am – and in what I do. It is the ethos behind our brand, something we have tried to bottle at 31st State.

Virgil Abloh Responds to Critics: Do You Believe He Stands With Black People ?

Virgil Abloh, one of the world’s most prominent Black designers, spoke exclusively with Fast Company staff writer Liz Segran about the Black Lives Matter movement, the criticism he has received in recent weeks, and his hope for the future.

Introducing Dr Lauren Hamilton - Cosmetic Doctor + Founder of Victor & Garth

I completed a medical degree from Brighton and Sussex Medical School, and later on a master’s degree in Educational Training from UCL. It was during medical school that I developed a passion for surgery. I found myself fascinated by maxillofacial surgery ( facial reconstruction surgery). This exposure then led me down the path of Aesthetic Medicine; in 2014, I leaped to found Victor & Garth, a cosmetic and wellness clinic based in Shoreditch. I felt my surgical career provided me with a solid understanding of the intricacies of facial anatomy as well as a practical skillset. For me, holistic practices and aesthetics go hand in hand. It’s a privilege to restore someone’s confidence through the treatments I offer.

Jeff Hancock of Coinpass X Style Cartel Bitcoin for Rookies Conversation

18th of June 2020, today we had the opportunity to pick the brain of Jeff Hancock. Originally from Australia. he is the co-founder and CEO of His recent venture is Coinpass. A UK based GBP Sterling to Crypto Exchange. Who are endeavouring to build a clean, safe and transparent way to buy digital Crypto Assets in GBP Sterling. We talk the future of virtual currencies?

10 Tips for Bouncy Curls

Many women are envious of those that have those beautiful curly locks. Most everyone with curly hair has heard the words “I wish I had your curly hair”. But what many women don’t know is how much work it is to keep up with those curls. Below you will find 10 hair care tips specifically for the curly-haired women struggling to maintain their mane.

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