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One Man And His Shoes - The Jordan Phenomenon

New film alert for all the sneaker lovers - Director Yemi Bamiro takes us on a journey back to the 80's, looking at the highs & lows that came with the global phenomenon that is Michael Jordan, and the Jordan brand.

Sole-Roundup. This week in Sneaks.

A round-up of the top few stories that have popped up in the sneaker world this week!

Heading in a new creative direction with Reebok

Footwear and Sportswear giant Reebok had a big announcement for us all this week...

Michael B. Jordan's Custom Sneakers for GirlTrek

GOAT x Michael B. Jordan x The Shoe Surgeon... Raffling custom sneakers for GirlTrek to raise money & awareness for African American Women & Girls in the US.

SHOUT OUT SUNDAY| 'Sneaker Connoisseur' Kish Kash

A shoe-mad DJ who has allegedly forked out more than £250,000 on his collection of trainers sat down with us to talk, life in the sneaker game. The self-styled 'sneaker connoisseur' Kish Kash, from London, owns more than 2,000 pairs of sporty footwear - and his collection is so big, they don't even fit into his home. The brand consultant hasn't even worn most of his collection - which cost on average between £90 and £130 a pair. 

Superstar by a Superstar

Taking a peek at Queen Bey's latest team up with Adidas!

Weekly Round Up. News from the sneaker world

A round-up of a few of the top stories that have been circling the sneaker industry this week.

Time for reflection. Chadwick Boseman - A real life superhero

A time to reflect on the life of an extraordinary talent, and look back on how he fought and carried himself through troubling times.

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