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Black Is King: a masterpiece by Beyoncé

Beyoncé is back and she came to slay. In an exclusive partnership with Disney+, Beyoncé released her last visual album "Black Is King" on Friday, an exquisite experience to the eye, which led to a digital meltdown. The world seems to stop every time the Queen makes a move and, to be fair, it is not a surprise.

Coach teams up with ‘More Than a Vote’

A few weeks ago, we woke up to the fantastic news that the New York based brand Coach was partnering with NBA superstar LeBron James in support of ‘More Than a Vote’ (MTAV), an organisation led by the basket player to fight against voter suppression and misinformation amongst communities of colour in the US.

Presenting DOMESTIC (between wars) by Stefano Pilati

Since 2020 started, it has been nothing but a wild ride. We’ve heard multiple times that 2020 ought to end now, that we need to unplug 2020 and plug it again for everything to go back to normal but, what if 2020 had to happen? What if 2020 was the year we’ve been waiting for? What if the change and the progression this planet has been seeking for centuries might finally come this year? Anyhow amongst all the negative energy that has surrounded us lately, it is undeniable that positive matters have also come out of it.

The Category Is: Ball, Drag And Its Influence In The Fashion Industry

Ball culture started to bloom in the 80s thanks to Black and Latino non-cisgender individuals, who were eager to have a safe space to celebrate the queer community, in a time when walking down the street or coming back home safe and sound was an achievement. The balls were a joyful place, a home for those who had nothing but the community to relate to and where they could be their true selves in an atmosphere where acceptance, love, fashion and talent – and lots of shade – were the stars of the party.

Covid-19: Is the pandemic the trendsetter of the 21st Century?

Before Covid-19 blew up in Europe, we were only used to seeing face masks in catwalks — Marine Serre SS20 show looks like a premonition now — or on influencers who tried to implement a trend via Instagram. Yet, despite of the thousand followers that these Instastars had, it has been a virus who is responsible for the current, hottest trend: the face mask.

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