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Harem London launches Interactive Lookbook for SS21

Harem London presented their last collection on Friday in a very creative way: they launched an interactive lookbook that you don’t want to miss! Viewers can play around with different clothes and colours and order their favourite outfits. London based sisters Dee and Begum Ozturk bring us high-quality, edgy streetwear pieces that not only are sustainable but handcrafted. Istanbul born designers produce contemporary, wearable clothes that combine heritage and future and feel great on the skin.

Michaela Coel sets the trend with Oxfam

As Oxfam campaign’s face, Michaela Coel will be spotted in the windows of over 500 Oxfam stores around the UK wearing garments from the Oxfam Online Shop, which will be available to buy in a ground-breaking Selfridges pop-up store.

Fashion Frontline: Is Fashion Really Inclusive?

Since the Black Lives Matter Movement took the streets worldwide last May to protest against police brutality, we’ve seen how social media platforms went black for blackout Tuesday, how the fashion industry preached a message of inclusion and anti-racism and how brands committed to work towards equality within their businesses but, have we seen real change since?

Upcycling: Female-led brands you need to know

In a time when sustainability, eco-friendly and climate change must be the terms we care about, fashion insiders started to ask themselves how fashion could be original, affordable and aesthetically appealing while not damaging the planet. If the fashion industry is known for anything, that is annulling boundaries and making illusions become reality. While recycling stands for diminishing waste and keep using the same item over again, upcycling means re-using a pre-loved item in a different way than before while elevating its value and appeal. And what is fashion but the art of reinvention?

Wrangler drops Bob Marley capsule collection

In the year when it should have been Bob Marley’s 75th birthday, Wrangler has partnered with the legendary artist’s family to not only celebrate him but also honour his legacy. The American brand has launched a 11-piece limited-edition capsule collection that includes T-shirts, jackets and shirts. Every piece is beautifully designed with vibrant colours, retro prints and photographs of the Jamaican legend which praise his soul and commemorate his lasting influence.

Black Is King: a masterpiece by Beyoncé

Beyoncé is back and she came to slay. In an exclusive partnership with Disney+, Beyoncé released her last visual album "Black Is King" on Friday, an exquisite experience to the eye, which led to a digital meltdown. The world seems to stop every time the Queen makes a move and, to be fair, it is not a surprise.

Coach teams up with ‘More Than a Vote’

A few weeks ago, we woke up to the fantastic news that the New York based brand Coach was partnering with NBA superstar LeBron James in support of ‘More Than a Vote’ (MTAV), an organisation led by the basket player to fight against voter suppression and misinformation amongst communities of colour in the US.

Presenting DOMESTIC (between wars) by Stefano Pilati

Since 2020 started, it has been nothing but a wild ride. We’ve heard multiple times that 2020 ought to end now, that we need to unplug 2020 and plug it again for everything to go back to normal but, what if 2020 had to happen? What if 2020 was the year we’ve been waiting for? What if the change and the progression this planet has been seeking for centuries might finally come this year? Anyhow amongst all the negative energy that has surrounded us lately, it is undeniable that positive matters have also come out of it.

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