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Balenciaga has been accused of replicating the work of young artist

Balenciaga has been accused of replicating the work of young artist: Today a post on the popular Instagram account, Diet Prada accused the fashion house Balenciaga of replicating the work of an arts student, without crediting her.

How fatphobia and thin privilege are embedded in street style

Street style is associated with youth culture and it is most often seen and pictured in major urban centres like London and New York. Street style connotes and individuality, as it began as a fashion that did not emerge from studios, but rather from grassroots and individuals. However, street style has become concerned with little more than upholding thin bodies exhibiting style that is incredibly bland.

Online and retail returns: The environmental crisis we need to be talking about

Online returns are a huge benefit to many people they’re convenient and they give you more freedom when your shopping - they’re also ruining the environment. In the USA alone, returns create 5 billion pounds of landfill waste and 15 million tonnes of carbon emissions annually.

Sustainable Fashion: Luxury retailer Selfridges launches a designer rental collection

Luxury retailer Selfridges has partnered with fashion rental company Hurr Collective, to launch a designer fashion rental collection, in a landmark move from the brand.

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